With a great pleasure we now can release the news and tickets to the sequel of FREDDIE 70 YEARS!

After the premiere "home" at the Scala Theater in Karlstad on Friday October 19, we will return October 30-31 to Cirkus in Stockholm before the tour continues around in Sweden.

After the success of our visit in Montreux - Freddie Mercury Birthday Party (invited by Queen), it was natural to relate to the group and Freddie's time in Montreux in a new tribute.

Of 26 songs in Freddie 70 Years, at least ten songs will be replaced in favor of songs from the Jazz -78, Live Killers -79 and Made in Heaven -95 albums.

As usual, the aim of Night of Queen is to celebrate Freddie & Queen through "sound-alike" and everything is performed live!

Welcome to celebrate with us!

Erik Rynefors, Producer & Artistic Director